Builder Spec Construction Loans and Lines of Credit

Hippo Financial has been helping build the communities it serves for the past 6 years. We have made an impact, and our construction lending division is one of the most exciting and fastest growing products of our company. We have a variety of different loans to serve your building and qualification needs without all of the red tape.

Our Products

Currently we have a variety of products for builders who either own the lot or want to purchase it, builders who have good credit or blemished credit, and builders who plan and desire to grow with us. One of the huge benefits of spec lending is that it increases the amount of units, or homes a builder can build per year. This allows our builders to take advantage of hot markets, before they cool off. The time is now and if you build spec homes, whether you think you can or can’t qualify for a loan, you should call us anyway at 541 306 3272. We at Hippo Financial have the following for you;

  • Products with no credit qualifying criteria.
  • Interest only programs that allow your payments to be low while you finish your building and begin the marketing stage.
  • No prepayment penalty.
  • 65% Loan to value.
  • Interest reserves can be built.
  • Fund multiple projects at the same time to keep you and your crews on top of your annual goals while taking advantage of the marketplace.
  • 8 day approval process, fastest in the industry.

How to apply:

  • Call 541 306 3272 for an informational kit about our process and products.